Monday, February 15, 2010

Would You Want These Wild Plants In Your Garden?

We are currently doing an inventory of the indigenous fauna and flora in the area with special focus on those found in the forest sorrounding the farm. The result should help us map out the necessary conservation strategies that we need to put in place to ensure the local ecosytem's continuing survival. We have already identified a few plant species which used to abound in the forest but are no longer found - the edible fern (known as "pako" in the local dialect) among them. The wild cats have also vanished and the wild chickens have been reduced to just a few number. Local hunting was unregulated at the time we abandoned the area but now that we have banned hunting altogether, we are looking forward to seeing the population of the wild chicken stabilize. As for the wild cat and other missing flora and fauna, we are exploring the possibility of bringing them back.

We have also identified plants in the forest which we could possibly grow to generate additional income for the farm. We are confident there is a good market among ornamental plant enthusiasts and landscape companies for plants like the wild bananas and other plants you see in the above photos (What do you think?). If we can  get good results from this venture, we would introduce it among the local farmers. Again this is part of our effort of exploring possibilities to help the subsistence farmers in the area improve their income.

Wish us the best!