Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Forest Food Adventure

Part of the fun of living in the farm was the adventure of scouring the forest which sorrounded the farm of wild edibles. The green leaves above which is referred to in the local dialect as "pongpong" has a tangy sour taste which taste real good when eaten with a dash of salt. The beautiful pink flower is that of what locals call "betbetak". The fruit is really sweet. Sadly, the curent generation of kids who have been raised into the "junk food culture" do not go into such wild food adventure anymore.

Part of the objective of the farm is to make sure this edible wild plants don't go extinct and have their own place in the wild.


consumer advocate said...

I spent a week with the Penan tribe of North Borneo some years back. Gathering food in the forest is a way of life among the tribe. I joined them in their food gathering one time and was amazed at the vast knowledge involved in what I thought was a simple food gathering activity.

The Penan's way of life is now threatened with the encroachment of logging companies in the area.

I hope we could all help raise the indignation over the killing of forests around the globe and the people that depend on them.

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